Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included in a DOT physical?

Your physical will include a complete history and physical, vision screening, color blind test, urinalysis to assess for protein, glucose, and specific gravity.

Are all drivers screened for Sleep Apnea?

No. We follow FMCSA screening recommendations for drivers who are high risk for OSA. For more info on their recommendations visit the FMCSA website.

What if I need a Sleep Study?

Drivers 1st Medical has an onsite AASM accredited sleep lab and will arrange for you to have your sleep study if you are considered high risk. We will ensure that your temporary card does not expire until you have had the time to complete the study. We offer priority scheduling for drivers as well as payment plans for those unable to utilize their health insurance. Affordable home sleep studies are also available.

What is the cost for a DOT physical?

DOT physicals at Drivers 1st Medical are $75 for individual drivers. Discounts are available for drivers who are employed by one of our Business Affiliate motor carriers.

What should I bring to my appointment?
Please bring a list of your medications, medical history and treating physician and any other pertinent documents such as a statement from your medical provider clearing you for a specific medical condition.
What are the FMCSA physical qualification standards?

Click Here for a copy of the medical examination report form which lists the physical qualifications for drivers on the last page.

What if I have diabetes?

Diabetes is not a disqualifying condition. However if you use insulin to control your diabetes you will be required to have an exemption from an endocrinologist in order to be certified. Please see the Federal Diabetes Exemption Program info on the FMCSA website.

What if I have high blood pressure?

You will be required to have a DOT physical annually. Your blood pressure must be less than or equal 140/90. If your blood pressure is higher but does not exceed 180/110 you will receive a one time 3 month certificate. A blood pressure over 180/110 is disqualifying. You must wait 6 months and will be required to have a blood pressure of 140/90 or lower to be certified.